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At Murray, we work harder in the trenches to get the job done right – just like our clamps.

Introduction to Murray Corporation

Posted: April 20th, 2021

By Murray Corporation on April 20, 2021 How well do you really know Murray Corporation? Get to know us even better by watching our fantastic, brand new About Us video, where we shamelessly tout some of the special things we do here at Murray to make your life easier. Click on the link to watch, […]

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What’s the PSI Rating on your hose clamps? Who Cares?

Posted: December 9th, 2020

By Murray Corporation on Dec 9, 2020 8:36:00 AM Often, we get asked by customers, “what is the PSI or Pressure rating on your hose clamps?” Our answer: “Well, who cares?” Actually, we do care, but is this information really important and can you get an accurate measurement that is useful for customers? The fact of the […]

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Why Lean Manufacturers Need Reliable Suppliers

Posted: July 7th, 2020

By Murray Corporation on Feb 12, 2019 9:36:00 AM More and more manufacturers are turning to lean methodologies, which are based on the older concept of just-in-time inventory. Under the Lean approach, the efficiency and reliability of the supply chain are crucial. For this reason, more is involved in choosing a supplier than just the […]

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The Best Clamp Types By Industry

Posted: June 27th, 2019

By Murray Corporation on Jun 27, 2019 9:07:00 AM From plumbing to hospitality, many industries use hose clamps. Hoses transport fluids or gasses and help machines function properly.  Without reliable clamps for tubes and hoses, equipment will malfunction. Choosing the right type of clamp is crucial for proper machine performance. Each industry’s unique applications require specific functions from […]

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3 Tips For Choosing The Right Type Of Clamp

Posted: June 6th, 2019

By Murray Corporation on Jun 6, 2019 1:03:00 PM Choosing the right clamp for your needs can be complicated. Different industries require different functions from clamps. You want to ensure that the clamp you choose will serve its purpose correctly. Here are a few tips to help you make the best clamp decision. 1. Determine […]

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Choosing The Right Grade Of Stainless Steel For Your Clamps

Posted: May 7th, 2019

By Murray Corporation on May 7, 2019 9:00:00 AM   Stainless steel is an alloy that is resistant to most types of corrosion, including “red rust.” It is an ideal material for making hose clamps that will stand up to the requirements of your job. But stainless steel comes in a wide variety of types […]

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The Top 5 Tips On Sourcing Industrial Clamps

Posted: April 11th, 2019

By Murray Corporation on Apr 11, 2019 8:41:00 AM   Finding suppliers can be a major pain for any manufacturer. You have to balance the often-conflicting demands of quality, price, and service – and then, if the supplier you choose turns out to be unsatisfactory, you have to go through the whole process again. Choosing […]

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Avoid These Clamping Mistakes When Installing PEX Pipes

Posted: March 12th, 2019

By Murray Corporation on Mar 12, 2019 9:28:00 AM PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) is an increasingly popular material for plumbing applications. It is most often used domestically, for potable water and radiant heating. It offers numerous benefits, the most important that it’s significantly less expensive than copper, at about a quarter of the cost. It’s also easier to work with since […]

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How Constant Tension Hose Clamps Counteract Cold Flow

Posted: January 29th, 2019

By Murray Corporation on Jan 29, 2019 9:00:00 AM If you’ve ever clamped a hose or pipe, you know it’s not as simple as set it and forget it. You want the clamp to compress the hose around the fitting to ensure a tight seal, but that compression can deform the hose and lessen the […]

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The Agricultural, Commercial and Residential Sectors of the Irrigation Industry Choose Murray Clamps for Quality, Reliability and Selection

Posted: February 21st, 2017

Murray Corporation has a variety of irrigation clamps engineered and manufactured to deliver corrosion resistance and connections without leaks for poly pipe tube, center pivots, and lay flat hose.

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