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Heavy Duty Automotive Clamps

As a premier automotive clamp manufacturer, we understand the Heavy Duty Truck market.  We have clamps for all applications in the HD Truck market for both OEM and Aftermarket customers.
Our V-band clamps are designed to perform on the most challenging Turbo flange applications with high temperature, pressure and vibration requirements.  They are also used on DEF Tank applications for emissions control systems. We use the proper materials for your application and we can help design the right clamps for your operating conditions. 

Our T-Bolts, Stack Drive, Turbo Seal and Dual Bead clamps are designed to provide excellent sealing on silicone hoses where temperature, pressure and vibration are factors.  These clamps are constant tension clamps and help protect against cold flow and minimize or prevent hose blow off on Turbocharger applications. 

Murray Corporation also offers a series of slotted worm drive screw type clamps.  We have our H series of slotted worm drive clamps in different materials, as well as wider band and heavy duty, high torque clamps which meet or exceed SAE standards.  We can provide custom designs to fit your application.  We also offer an EB Embossed line of non-perforated worm drive clamps made to DIN 3017 Standard. This is a choice for soft hose that needs to be protected from potential clamp damage.

Our KVGT Seamless Pinch clamps or Ear clamps are used often on smaller hose systems for fuel lines, AC lines, and for smaller silicone hoses on DEF tanks. This is a multipurpose clamp for many applications where 360 degrees of sealing is needed while generating a high sealing force.

Our New EXT Series is a perfect complement to our HD Truck Market clamp offering.  This clamp is made to perform on exhaust systems, mufflers and pipes, as well as converters and provide a leak free connection even after thermal cycling. Choose Murray Corporation as your trusted heavy duty clamp manufacturer for a variety of automotive applications!
Industrial Clamps for Automotive & Heavy Duty Truck
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