V-Band Clamps & Couplings

V-Band Clamps & Couplings

Murray Corporation manufactures premium V-Band Clamps and couplings for flanged connections. Our V-Band Clamps are made with high-quality materials and pass extensive testing to ensure your air or liquid connections are held tightly together in a leak-proof clamp.

Our quality control processes ensure you consistently receive a high-quality V-Band Clamp order after order.
V-Band Clamp Properties
V-Band Clamps are designed for challenging, heavy-duty applications where they have proven their high-performance capabilities. They provide high strength, reliability, and corrosion resistance.

Murray Corp offers custom sizing for V-Band Clamps, manufacturing them in a variety of thicknesses and widths, or with various nut and bolt combinations to fit your exact application.
V-Band Clamp Materials
V-Band Clamps are available in various grades of stainless steel and zinc-plated carbon steel. High performance materials like Inconel can be customized for your application and are available upon request. All materials used are made to AISI and other key global standards.
Industries We Serve
HD V-Band Clamps are engineered and designed for heavy duty trucks, automotive, high performance and racing, generator and marine industries. Their tight design makes them a perfect solution for decreased emissions.

Applications include:
  • Pumps
  • Engines
  • Exhaust systems
  • Emissions
  • Diesel particulate filters
  • Muffler assemblies
  • Telecommunication equipment and tubing
  • Filters
  • Food and chemical processing equipment
  • Turbochargers
Requirements and Guarantees
Murray Corp has an ISO Certification and our Quality Management System ensures you get the highest quality products order after order.
Clamp Size Chart
P/N Nominal Dia. Flange Dia. Retainer Band

TBV-M020-0321 3.210 3.106 0.262 0.050 0.141 0.750 0.031
TBV-M040-0382 3.820 3.695 0.207 0.080 0.281 0.875 0.050
TBV-M050-0388 3.880 3.755 0.400 0.050 0.281 0.875 0.031
TBV-M090-0425 4.250 4.125 0.400 0.050 0.281 0.875 0.031
TBV-M100-0450A 4.500 4.375 0.207 0.080 0.281 0.875 0.050
TBV-M150-0475 4.750 4.625 0.400 0.050 0.281 0.875 0.031
TBV-M160-0481 4.810 4.685 0.207 0.080 0.281 0.875 0.050
TBV-M200-0525 5.250 5.156 0.262 0.050 0.141 0.750 0.031
TBV-M240-0588 5.880 5.755 0.400 0.050 0.281 0.875 0.031
TBV-M260-0592 5.920 5.795 0.293 0.090 0.296 0.875 0.062
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V-Band Clamps & Couplings
What Makes Murray Corp Different?
Murray Corp parts are designed, engineered and produced to be the best in the industry so your connections stay together. We deliver parts on time, every time, guaranteed. If you join our Sure Ship Sure Stock Guarantee Program, you’ll never run out of parts again.

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