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Murray Type F and Mini Worm Drive clamps are used in many irrigation applications and our clamps are engineered with over a hundred years of experience.  They are designed to last and keep connections sealed, exceeding SAE torque specifications.

Applications for Plumbing Hose Clamps

Installing, maintaining, and repairing plumbing applications requires various pipe sizes and locations.  Turn to Murray, a professional plumbing clamp manufacturer with products that can fit your plumbing application requirements, including the following:
  • New construction projects
  • Indoor and outdoor plumbing lines
  • Pool filters
  • Water pumps
  • Garbage disposals
Any connection with a semi-rigid hose can be effectively made with our plumbing clamps. The reliable seal and easy installation process lets you quickly complete a plumbing project with confidence.

Our Plumbing Hose Clamp Products

Murray Corporation manufactures plumbing hose clamps in various sizes and grades for your plumbing tasks. Review our complete list of clamp products to see which ones you need for your plumbing project.

General-Purpose Slotted Worm Drive Type F Clamps

Our clamps come in several different stainless and part stainless options. We carry the following series of general-purpose clamps:
  • H series – 200/300 series band & housing, heat treated carbon steel screw, ½” band
  • HxxSS series – 200/300 series SS band & housing, 410 stainless steel screw, ½” band
  • HFxxSS series – all 300 series stainless steel, ½” band
  • HGxxSS series – all 304 stainless steel, ½” band
  • HLxxSS series – all 316 stainless steel, ½” band
  • HMxxSS series – 200 series SS band & housing, 400 series SS screw, 9/16” band
Murray clamps are manufactured to meet or exceed SAE J1508 standards.

Quick-Release Stainless Steel Type F Clamp

With a 400-series stainless steel thrust block and 200-series band, housing, and screw components, the quick-release type F clamp is easy to release in closed system installation situations. This versatile clamp option relies on a swivel-action locking screw to reduce the installation and removal time.

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