EXT Series Exhaust Clamp
EXT Series

Exhaust  Band Clamps

EXT Series exhaust clamps are designed to ensure leak free connections of exhaust pipes and similar metal pipes and are a suitable alternative to Torca AccuSeal® exhaust clamps. We manufacture our exhaust band clamps with premium quality materials so that mufflers and exhaust systems will perform properly even after temperature changes and thermal cycling can lead to loose connections.  We offer the most common sizes and can custom engineer our exhaust band clamps to your specific needs.  Sizes offered are designed for pipes ranging from 1.5 inches to 7 inches, with special sizes, shapes and materials available.  Our EXT Series clamps are made to meet the high standards and requirements of the OEM market, and are sold to manufacturers, distributors and retailers. We look forward to your projects to provide the right solution to your challenge.
  • Materials are high strength and corrosion resistant to match your application needs.
  • Compare to Torca AccuSeal® Exhaust Clamps
  • Available in Stainless Steel grades 430 SS and 304 SS and Aluminized Steel.
  • Design allows for proper installation without damaging your pipes.
  • Reaction block or spacer provides 360 degree sealing to improve the connection and distribute the band load evenly.
  • The heavy-duty components and materials allow for a high clamp load and performance.
  • Easy to install and allows for serviceability of the connection.
  • For use on pipes, converters and mufflers.
  • Sold in volume for industrial, automotive, heavy duty trucks-vehicles, aerospace, military and marine applications.
Clamp Size Chart
  Band Material  
(BW) Nominal Dia (ND) Aluminized Steel* 430 SS 304 SS
Band Width (in) Pipe Size (in) Dull Polished Dull Polished
1.25" 1.75 EXT175AL EXT175D4 EXT175P4 EXT175D3 EXT175P3
1.25" 1.88 EXT188AL EXT188D4 EXT188P4 EXT188D3 EXT188P3
1.25" 2.00 EXT200AL EXT200D4 EXT200P4 EXT200D3 EXT200P3
1.25" 2.25 EXT225AL EXT225D4 EXT225P4 EXT225D3 EXT225P3
1.25" 2.50 EXT250AL EXT250D4 EXT250P4 EXT250D3 EXT250P3
1.25" 2.75 EXT275AL EXT275D4 EXT275P4 EXT275D3 EXT275P3
1.25" 3.00 EXT300AL EXT300D4 EXT300P4 EXT300D3 EXT300P3
1.25" 3.50 EXT350AL EXT350D4 EXT350P4 EXT350D3 EXT350P3
1.25" 4.00 EXT400AL EXT400D4 EXT400P4 EXT400D3 EXT400P3
1.25" 4.50 EXT450AL EXT450D4 EXT450P4 EXT450D3 EXT450P3
1.25" 5.00 EXT500AL EXT500D4 EXT500P4 EXT500D3 EXT500P3
1.25" 6.00 EXT600AL EXT600D4 EXT600P4 EXT600D3 EXT600P3
1.25" 7.00 EXT700AL EXT700D4 EXT700P4 EXT700D3 EXT700P3
1" 1.75 EXTN175AL EXTN175D4 EXTN175P4 EXTN175D3 EXTN175P3
1" 1.88 EXTN188AL EXTN188D4 EXTN188P4 EXTN188D3 EXTN188P3
1" 2.00 EXTN200AL EXTN200D4 EXTN200P4 EXTN200D3 EXTN200P3
1" 2.25 EXTN225AL EXTN225D4 EXTN225P4 EXTN225D3 EXTN225P3
1" 2.50 EXTN250AL EXTN250D4 EXTN250P4 EXTN250D3 EXTN250P3
1" 2.75 EXTN275AL EXTN275D4 EXTN275P4 EXTN275D3 EXTN275P3
1" 3.00 EXTN300AL EXTN300D4 EXTN300P4 EXTN300D3 EXTN300P3
1" 3.50 EXTN350AL EXTN350D4 EXTN350P4 EXTN350D3 EXTN350P3
1" 4.00 EXTN400AL EXTN400D4 EXTN400P4 EXTN400D3 EXTN400P3
1" 4.50 EXTN450AL EXTN450D4 EXTN450P4 EXTN450D3 EXTN450P3
1" 5.00 EXTN500AL EXTN500D4 EXTN500P4 EXTN500D3 EXTN500P3
1" 6.00 EXTN600AL EXTN600D4 EXTN600P4 EXTN600D3 EXTN600P3
1" 7.00 EXTN700AL EXTN700D4 EXTN700P4 EXTN700D3 EXTN700P3
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