Heavy Duty T-Bolt Clamps

Heavy Duty T-Bolt Clamps

Murray’s HD T-Bolt Clamps provide leak-proof connections in applications that require increased installation torque and band load. Designed for heavy-duty applications, HD T-Bolt Clamp bolts and self-locking nuts are Zinc plated carbon steel. All other band components are manufactured from 300 series stainless steel with attention to quality craftsmanship to ensure high corrosion resistance.
HD T-Bolt Clamp Properties
Heavy duty T-Bolt Clamps are designed to provide high tensile strength, durability and corrosion resistance. They are made with a rounded band edge to protect soft hose materials.

HD T-Bolt Clamps are available in two styles:
  • TBA Series: welded band tongue under the bolt
  • TBB Series: Floating “channel” bridge under the bolt
Our HD T-Bolt Clamps provide considerably heavier duty construction than standard T-Bolt band clamps. The band is wider and thicker while the bolt is longer with a larger diameter. Compare the sizes below:
Standard T-Bolt
Band width – .75 inch
Band thickness – .025 inch
Bolt diameter – .25 inch
Bolt length – 2.75 inches
HD T-Bolt
Band width – .875 inch
Band thickness – .04 inch
Bolt diameter -.3125 inch
Bolt length – 4 inches
The bolts used in our HD T-bolt clamps are bent to allow a better range along with a longer bolt length. Without this bend, the bolt would bottom out on the band.
Material Options for HD T-Bolt Clamp
Heat-treated alloy steel bolts and self-locking nuts are double-plated, clear chromate finished for high corrosion resistance. All other clamp components are 300 series bright-finished stainless steel. Bands are also available in 316 stainless steel by special order. All stainless steel used is made to AISI and other key global standards.
Requirements and Guarantees
Murray has an ISO 9001 Certification and our Quality Management System ensures you get the highest quality products order after order.
Industries We Serve
Our HD and 300 SS T-Bolt Clamps are typically used in agriculture, center pivot irrigation, marine, heavy-duty trucks, and severe service industrial applications.
Clamp Size Chart
TBA Series TBB Series Size Number Open Dia. Closed Dia. Hose Size Ref.
TBA415 TBB4154004.153.75 4"
TBA440 TBB4404254.44 4"
TBA465 TBB4654504.654.25 4-1/2"
TBA490 TBB4904754.94.5 4-1/2"
TBA503 TBB5034885.034.63 4-1/2"
TBA515 TBB5155005.154.75 5"
TBA540 TBB5405255.45 5"
TBA546 TBB5465315.465.06 5"
TBA565 TBB5655505.655.25 5-1/2"
TBA571 TBB5715565.715.31 5-1/2"
TBA590 TBB5905755.95.5 5-1/2"
TBA615 TBB6156006.155.75 5-9/16"
TBA633 TBB6336186.335.93 6"
TBA640 TBB6406256.46 6"
TBA659 TBB6596446.596.19 6"
TBA665 TBB6656506.656.25 6-1/2“
TBA671 TBB6716566.716.31 6-1/2“
TBA690 TBB6906756.96.5 6-1/2“
TBA703 TBB7036887.036.63 6-1/2“
TBA715 TBB7157007.156.75 6-5/8"
TBA721 TBB7217067.216.81 6-5/8"
TBA727 TBB7277127.276.87 6-5/8"
TBA734 TBB7347197.346.94 6-5/8"
TBA740 TBB7407257.47 6-5/8"
TBA750 TBB7507357.57.1 6-5/8"
TBA815 TBB8158008.157.75 8"
TBA859 TBB8598448.598.19 8"
TBA865 TBB8658508.658.25 8-1/2"
TBA871 TBB8718568.718.31 8-1/2"
TBA877 TBB8778628.778.37 8-1/2"
TBA885 TBB8858708.858.45 8-1/2"
TBA905 TBB9058909.058.65 8-1/2"
TBA933 TBB9339189.338.93 8-5/8"
TBA940 TBB9409259.49 8-5/8"
TBA1059 TBB1059104410.5910.19 10"
TBA1077 TBB1077106210.7710.37 10"
TBA1084 TBB1084106910.8410.44 10"
TBA1090 TBB1090107510.910.5 10-3/4"
TBA1094 TBB1094107910.9410.54 10-3/4"
TBA1105 TBB1105109011.0510.65 10-3/4"
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Heavy Duty T-Bolt Clamps
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