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Irrigation and Agriculture Clamps

As a widely trusted industrial clamp manufacturer, we understand the agriculture and irrigation markets.   We have high quality clamps for the various applications in these markets.  

Our T-Bolt clamps are made with premium grade materials to help protect against corrosion and keep connections sealed.   Our standard T-bolt clamps are designed for Lay Flat hose and other irrigation applications, and they are designed to withstand higher band loads than other brands with less engineering and quality control in place.   Our Heavy Duty T-Bolt clamps are made to meet the higher requirements in Center Pivot applications, where the band material is wider and thicker, and the bolt is larger for higher band loads.   

We also offer our Keystone KS (Welded Design) and KSC (Mechanical Design) pinch clamps for use on poly pipe in underground irrigation lines and golf course irrigation systems, as well as center pivot drop lines.  Both styles provide industry leading strength to help avoid the need for digging up systems for re-installation. We ensure a secure connection between poly fittings and poly pipes.  From our experience we recognize that as pipe wall thickness increases for higherPSI rated pipe, this can require a different clamp even though it will have the same Pipe ID or fitting size. 

Murray Type F and Mini Worm Drive clamps are used in many irrigation applications and our clamps are engineered with over a hundred years of experience.  They are designed to last and keep connections sealed, exceeding SAE torque specifications.

Choose Murray Corporation as your irrigation & agriculture clamp manufacturer! 
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