Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
About Murray
Who is Murray Corporation?
Does Murray have other products or services besides hose clamps?
Does Murray Corporation offer radiators, automotive aftermarket parts, bicycles, lawn mowers, hygiene products, steaks, or other products other than hose clamps?
   Can I buy a few clamps from Murray Corporation?
Purchase Order Information
How do I place an order?
Can I purchase from Murray if I’m located outside of the US or Canada?
Why is there a broken carton charge of 15% per item?
How does the broken carton charge work?
Do I need to use the entire Murray Part Number on my order?
Technical Information
Are Murray hose clamps compliant with Reach, RoHs, Conflict Minerals, Prop 65 (California), and other global initiatives related to safety, social and environmental concerns? 
Do you have pressure ratings such as PSI for your clamps in various applications?
Can you provide tensile strength for the clamp steel?
Can stainless steel clamps be magnetic?
How do I insure I’m getting a high grade of quality steel? 
How do I select the right size hose clamp? 
Sure Ship and Sure Stock Guarantee Program
Keep Your $#!+ Together With Our Quality Clamps and Guaranteed Service
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