Strap-Tight Band and Buckle Strapping System

Strap-Tight Band and Buckle Strapping System

The Murray Strap-Tight Band and Buckle Strapping System consists of stainless steel strapping, buckles and tool to connect hoses, or to attach signs to posts.
  • Beveled edges protect soft hose compounds from abrasion and wear
  • Improved life and performance of the hose
  • Low profile, taking up less space under the hood and decreasing the incidence of a snag
  • Provides constant tension
  • Compensates for the effects of thermal cycling and/or compression set of hose
  • Provides dual spring action through convoluted spring action band and the spring effect of the Dual Bead Liner.
Strap-Tight Bands
Part Numbers - Strap-Tight Bands
AISI 201 AISI 304 Band Width (in) Thickness (in)
SCB25X201 SCB25X304 1/4" 0.018
SCB37X201 SCB37X304 3/8" 0.021
SCB50X201 SCB50X304 1/2" 0.025
SCB62X201 SCB62X304 5/8" 0.025
SCB75X201 SCB75X304 3/4" 0.027
Strap-Tight Buckles
Part Numbers - Strap-Tight Buckles
AISI 201 AISI 304 Band Width (in) Thickness (in)
SCA25X201 SCA25X304 1/4" 0.03
SCA37X201 SCA37X304 3/8" 0.11
SCA50X201 SCA50X304 1/2" 0.22
SCA62X201 SCA62X304 5/8" 0.22
SCA75X201 SCA75X304 3/4" 0.22
Strap-Tight Installation Tool
Allows for full installation by pulling band through buckle, tightening using this tool, and safely cutting excess banding. Final installation will require a hammer to fold down tabs. Follow installation instructions included with the tool.
Part Number: SCT001
PDF Specification Sheet
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