Embossed Worm Drive & Worm Gear Clamps

Embossed Worm Drive & Worm Gear Clamps

Embossed worm gear clamps meet or exceed the DIN 3017 standard. Sometimes called worm drive clamps, they have a general purpose non perforated band especially suited for clamping soft silicone hoses.

Murray embossed clamps are designed for silicone rubber and other soft hose to protect against shearing and fray. Material grade and sizes are stamped on the band. Currently available in all 304SS/W4 and in 316SS/W5 stainless steel grade materials.  Contact us for availability of W1 and W2 grades. Available in 9mm and 12mm band widths.
Clamp Size Chart
9mm Wide Embossed Band Clamps
W4 Mat'l W5 Mat'l Range of Adjust Installation Torque (in-lbs)
Part Number Part Number (in mm) (in lbs.)
EB9x012SS EBL9x012SS 8-12 25.0
EB9x016SS EBL9x016SS 10-16 25.0
EB9x018SS EBL9x018SS 12-18 25.0
EB9x022SS EBL9x022SS 12-22 40.0
EB9x027SS EBL9x027SS 16-27 40.0
EB9x032SS EBL9x032SS 20-32 40.0
EB9x040SS EBL9x040SS 25-40 40.0
EB9x045SS EBL9x045SS 30-45 40.0
EB9x050SS EBL9x050SS 35-50 40.0
EB9x060SS EBL9x060SS 40-60 40.0
EB9x070SS EBL9x070SS 50-70 40.0
EB9x080SS EBL9x080SS 60-80 40.0
EB9x090SS EBL9x090SS 70-90 40.0
EB9x100SS EBL9x100SS 80-100 40.0
EB9x110SS EBL9x110SS 90-110 40.0
EB9x120SS EBL9x120SS 100-120 40.0
EB9x130SS EBL9x130SS 110-130 40.0
EB9x140SS EBL9x140SS 120-140 40.0
EB9x150SS EBL9x150SS 130-150 40.0
EB9x160SS EBL9x160SS 140-160 40.0
12mm Wide Embossed Band Clamps
W4 Mat'l W5 Mat'l Range of Adjust Installation Torque
Part Number Part Number (in mm) (in lbs.)
EB12x022SS EBL12x022SS 12-22 60.0
EB12x027SS EBL12x027SS 16-27 60.0
EB12x032SS EBL12x032SS 20-32 60.0
EB12x040SS EBL12x040SS 25-40 60.0
EB12x045SS EBL12x045SS 30-45 60.0
EB12x050SS EBL12x050SS 35-50 60.0
EB12x060SS EBL12x060SS 40-60 60.0
EB12x070SS EBL12x070SS 50-70 60.0
EB12x080SS EBL12x080SS 60-80 60.0
EB12x090SS EBL12x090SS 70-90 60.0
EB12x100SS EBL12x100SS 80-100 60.0
EB12x110SS EBL12x110SS 90-110 60.0
EB12x120SS EBL12x120SS 100-120 60.0
EB12x130SS EBL12x130SS 110-130 60.0
EB12x140SS EBL12x140SS 120-140 60.0
EB12x150SS EBL12x150SS 130-150 60.0
EB12x160SS EBL12x160SS 140-160 60.0
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Embossed Worm Drive & Worm Gear Clamps
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