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EXT Series

For securely connecting exhaust and metal pipe connections

Sure Ship and Sure Stock Guarantee Program

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Industrial Hose Clamps, Fasteners And Clamping Tools

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Murray Corporation has been servicing customers for over 100 years and is a trusted name in industrial hose clamps. Murray designs and manufactures a wide array of hose clamp products as well as custom solutions, custom plastic injection molded parts and custom metal stamped parts to OEMs, retailers, and distributors, with production and inventory in many locations around the world.
Sure Ship and Sure Stock Guarantee Program
Keep Your $#!+ Together With Our Quality Clamps and Guaranteed Service

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General Purpose Worm Drive Clamp

Our commitment to our customers.


Our experts provide unmatched quality assurance in production, delivery and ongoing services, leveraging tech-driven inventory and production management systems.


At Murray Corporation, we think of our customers as partners. We make our customers feel secure by giving them the attention they deserve and truly getting to know their businesses.


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We never run out of stock, so we can take fast shipping and rapid delivery to the next level. We always have your supply chain in mind.

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