Catching Up With Our Customers
Catching Up With Our Customers

Catching Up With Our Customers


In this blog post, we are covering three topics:

1. State of Murray; a message from our leadership team
2. Administrative Frequently Asked Questions
3. Murray Capabilities

State of Murray

To our dear customers,

Thank you for your continued support. The last 2 plus years have been different, to say the least. We would like to keep in touch and let you know what is happening here, and we would welcome your feedback.

Demand from customers overall continues strong despite considerable uncertainty. We are able to produce products and keep up with demand. However, we still are encountering logistical challenges. Many of our products are made in our plants overseas, and we are seeing some slow improvements in costs, and transit times, but delays and problems do still come up periodically. We are located in Maryland, so we aim to import products via the port in Baltimore, but there are times this is not possible. We may have goods discharge in the port of Newark/New York. What we are finding is that the cost to truck a container from NYC to BWI has increased by around 500% in the past year!! This is just one example of the challenges we are working on to minimize the impact to our customers.

In addition, steel costs continue to spike, after a recent leveling off. We always purchase steel as economically as possible, but the highest priority is to make sure our customers have parts. Our aim is to maintain stable, realistic pricing. If we apply any price increases, it is only to address cost increases and not to gouge or increase our margins. Combine the steel, wages, packaging materials and freight costs, we also are feeling the impact of fuel and energy costs as well since the war in Ukraine. We are reacting only as needed, but we ask you to check on pricing, availability, and lead times when you are placing orders. If any updates or changes go into effect, we will send out a notification. Please remember that we do have a general price increase going into effect for goods shipped after March 31st. If you have any questions, please contact your Murray sales manager.

We’re here to help you keep your $#!+ together, and we appreciate your feedback.

Let us know how we can better serve you.

Administrative FAQ’s

What is your minimum order?
$250 per PO

How do we place an order?
Email your PO to
Additional contact info:
Tel: 410-771-0380
Fax: 410-771-5576

What needs to be on the PO?

  • Bill to/Ship to address
  • Complete Murray part number, including packaging code, e.g. TSS48S30EP 00C
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Shipping (Collect or prepay & bill) and preferred LTL trucking company if applicable.

Do you ship partial cartons?
Yes, as long as the order minimum ($250) is met, and a 15% broken carton fee is added, per part number.

What are your payment terms?
This depends on how your account was initially set up and whether credit terms were requested.
Terms are typically 1% 10 NET 30, or CIA.

What clamp packaging options do you offer?
For worm drive hose clamps, we offer 2 standard options
1. 00C Bulk (loose in a master carton) Example part number H24 00C
2. 00P Packed (in 10 piece packers in a master carton) Example part number H24 00P

For pinch clamps, we offer 2 standard options
1. 00C Bulk (loose in a master carton) Example part number KS3198 00C
2. 00P100 Packed (in 100 piece bags) Example part number KS3198 00P100

Most other clamps are available in bulk only

Do you offer blanket orders?
Yes, please contact your sales manager for more details.
Kevin Heater Distribution Channel Sales Manager
Chad Bryant OEM and Automotive Aftermarket Sales Manager
Jose Alonso Export Sales Manager

What are your standard lead times?
For in stock items, lead times are typically 3-5 business days from order acknowledgment. For out of stock items, this is determined on a case by case basis. Please contact Murray for more details. (Lead times are improving at this time (April 2022).
Blanket Orders help reduce lead times dramatically.)

How do you ship?
We ship prepay & add, and collect, typically using UPS Parcel and UPS Freight.

Do you offer certifications?
Yes, we have various levels of certifications available. Your sales contacts can provide current pricing with your price quotation. If you require certification(s), please list as a separate line item on your purchase order matching the quotation provided:

  • Certificate of Conformance
  • Certificate of Conformance with component lot #s
  • Material Certs
  • First Article Inspection (FAI)
  • PPAP Level 3

Other certifications available upon request. Contact your sales manager for current costing.

For additional administrative questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to Murray!

Murray Capabilities

In addition to providing great hose clamps, we want to solve problems for our customers. We have often asked our customers, “Where can we help you? Are you having any problems that we can solve for you?” We have many customers that like working with Murray and ask if we can help solve other challenges for them. We are always up for a challenge, so please bring us your projects.

Here are our capabilities

  1. Custom and specialty clamps
  2. Custom metal stamping
  3. Casting and forging
  4. Custom plastic injection molding production and tooling development
  5. Professional product sourcing
  6. Custom packaging and private branding
  7. Special services such as passivation, electropolishing, special finishes and coatings

We want to help our customers. Please keep in mind we would need clear requirements and specifications, including an engineering drawing, and possibly samples if available. In addition, we typically will develop products where the volume is appropriate. Tooling and development costs may apply. Please note that our ability to take on a new project may be affected by how many new projects we have taken on, and we may ask to delay development of a new on e, or we may have to decline at that time. However, if there is any way we can help, we will.

We’d like to know how we can help you.

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