Clamps for  Turbocharger Systems & Intercoolers
Clamps for Turbocharger Systems & Intercoolers

Clamps for Turbocharger Systems & Intercoolers

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Murray Corporation has been servicing customers for over 100 years and is a trusted name in industrial clamp manufacturing. Murray corporation designs, manufactures, and supplies industrial hose and pipe clamps for turbo chargers and intercoolers used in standard automotive, Rally Car Racing, higher end racing, heavy duty trucks, heavy machinery, and others applications. The best clamps for turbo applications must withstand high temperatures while maintaining precise tightness and be highly durable.

TurbochargerClamp Selection Guide from Murray Corporation

  • There are 5 sections to a turbocharger (TC) system: (1) from the air filter to the air inlet side of the TC compressor; (2) from the outlet of the TC compressor to the inlet side of an intercooler; (3) from the intercooler outlet to the engine intake manifold;  (4) from the engine exhaust manifold to the turbine inlet on the TC; (5) from the turbine outlet on the TC to the exhaust pipe/muffler on the vehicle.
  • Air is pulled into the engine combustion chamber through the air filter during the downward intake stroke of the piston.  Then the air is mixed with the fuel and is compressed. When this air/fuel mixture is ignited the engine produces power.
  • The resulting exhaust gas from the combustion process turns the turbine wheel in the TC.
  • This then turns the compressor wheel in the TC and forces compressed air into the engine. 
  • As this air is compressed it becomes hotter. Compressed air from the TC can have several undesirable effects if it is hot enough, including reduced engine life and reduced ultimate engine power. In many applications an intercooler is added between the TC and engine intake manifold to reduce the compressed air temperature. 
  • The addition of the intercooler can significantly lower the temperature of the air charge entering the engine combustion chamber, allowing the engine to produce more power at a given level of boost pressure.
  • Note that in some applications an intercooler may not be used, in which case the outlet of the TC compressor is connected directly to the engine intake manifold.

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