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Check out these tips, straight from the team here at Murray.

Worm Gear Clamps

Resist the urge to use a larger clamp size than necessary, but combining multiple small diameter clamps can have additional benefits.
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Spot-Weld Corrosion Resistance vs. Sensitization

Contrary to what our competition says, there’s no evidence that welding causes a lower corrosion resistance material.
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Screw Lubrication for Worm Gear and Embossed Screw Type Clamps

An under-lubricated clamp or totally dry clamp might under-perform with regard to expected torque-tension.
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Magnetism for Worm Drive Clamps

While there’s some truth to be found in the old “magnet test,” it can also be misleading. Here’s why.
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Installing Spring-Loaded T-Bolt Clamps (TBLS)

In the fully bottomed out condition, an expensive spring gets converted to nothing more than a solid spacer.
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Hose Cold Flow Clamps

Have you ever removed an old hose clamp from your vehicle and seen the deep, yet intricate impression left behind in the hose compound?
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PEX Clamps Manufacturer & Installation Speed

Using the wrong tool for Pinch-Clamp installation could be a costly proposition.
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PEX Clamp Installation Speed

The PEX plumbing system is simplistic beauty: 1) cut the tube to length, 2) loose assemble with clamp & fitting, 3) crimp the clamp, 4) done.
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