Sure Ship and Sure Stock Guarantee

Keep Your $#!+ Together With Our Quality Clamps and Guaranteed Service

Give Your Company a Competitive Edge with Our Guarantee Program


At Murray Corporation, balancing high-quality products with exceptional customer service has always been our top priority. And we understand that your business depends on reliable inventory and fast delivery.

We’ve learned that making promises to our customers isn’t enough. That’s why we invite you to join our Sure Ship and Sure Stock Guarantee program*.

We will ship your order within two days, or whatever we don’t ship is free.

And you’ll never run out of stock.

If you’re a manufacturer, you’ll never have to worry about delaying production or shutting it down entirely because you ran out of clamps.

If you’re a distributor, you’ll never have to let key customers down because you’re waiting on parts.

Our Sure Ship and Sure Stock Guarantee program provides:


Shorter lead times


A simpler clamp purchasing process


A better bottom line for your business

To learn more about how our Sure Ship and Sure Stock Guarantee can move your business forward and to see whether you qualify, contact us today.

* Not all customers will qualify for the Sure Ship and Sure Stock Guarantee program. Customers must meet inventory and dollar thresholds to be eligible.


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