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With a diverse portfolio of products and tools, Murray makes sure you keep your ________ together.
*tubing, pipes, hoses, fittings, etc.

“I’m working on a new assembly right now, it’s all my design … Murray’s engineering team are right along with me, out on the limb, investing time and money.”

– Product Engineer for a major truck manufacturer

Industrial Clamp Products


Applications by Market

From Marine to Beverage, our team knows each market has its own challenges & needs.

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Clamps are only as good as the folks behind them. Fortunately, we’ve got the best when it comes to both.

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Clamping Tools

Just one more way, we make life easier for our customers.

00C Packed Clamps

Custom Design & Packaging

We develop, design, test, and manufacture custom clamps and packaging for your specific needs.