Why Lean Manufacturers Need Reliable Suppliers
Why Lean Manufacturers Need Reliable Suppliers

Why Lean Manufacturers Need Reliable Suppliers

More and more manufacturers are turning to lean methodologies, which are based on the older concept of just-in-time inventory. Under the Lean approach, the efficiency and reliability of the supply chain are crucial.

For this reason, more is involved in choosing a supplier than just the breadth and pricing of its product line. Manufacturers need to develop and maintain long-term relationships with suppliers, based on their ability to deliver those offerings dependably.

Only when suppliers can be relied on to deliver the parts needed when they’re needed, can the manufacturer be confident that production will be maintained at a smooth, predictable pace.

When Murray Corporation talked to some of its long-time customers about their relationships with suppliers, one issue that came up repeatedly was dependability. These customers reported dealing with other suppliers that not only take longer (sometimes weeks longer) to deliver materials, but they also fail to communicate promptly and honestly when delays occurred.

There’s got to be a better way.

Guaranteed Delivery

Murray has created a Sure Ship and Sure Stock Guarantee program for qualified customers: We will ship orders within two business days of receiving them, or whatever we don’t ship is free. Program participants will never run out of stock.

Manufacturers can count on having the clamps they need to keep their production lines rolling, without worrying about delays or disruptions. And distributors can be confident that they’ll never disappoint key customers because they’re waiting for parts.

The program is intended to make clamp purchasing simpler and more reliable, with shorter lead times. Because they can rely on the guarantee, neither manufacturers nor distributors have to tie up money and space to maintain excessive levels of inventory to guard against stock outages. This streamlines operations and makes for a better bottom line.

You don’t need to be operating with a formal Lean program to benefit from developing relationships with reliable suppliers. With the Sure Ship and Sure Stock Guarantee program, you’ll have a hose clamp supplier that’s willing to guarantee it will deliver what it promises.

Sure Ship and Sure Stock Guarantee Program
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