The Best Clamp Types By Industry
The Best Clamp Types By Industry

The Best Clamp Types By Industry

From plumbing to hospitality, many industries use hose clamps. Hoses transport fluids or gasses and help machines function properly.  Without reliable clamps for tubes and hoses, equipment will malfunction. Choosing the right type of clamp is crucial for proper machine performance.

Each industry’s unique applications require specific functions from hose clamps. Let’s take a look at some common industries and which types of clamp work best for them.

Automotive Industry

Automobiles require clamps for many different hoses and pipes, such as radiator hoses, fuel hoses, air intakes, exhaust pipes, and turbocharger systems. These parts undergo vibration and elevated temperatures and pressures.

T-bolt clamps are an excellent choice for automotive hoses and pipes. Built for durability, T-bolt clamps hold up under continuous pressure and can endure ongoing vibration and temperature changes.

They are also reusable and easy to remove and install, even in tight spaces. This comes in handy when servicing cars. Technicians can install them without disassembling additional parts of the car or using special tools.

Pinch and ear clamps are also common in the automotive industry. They are designed for quick and simple installation and are perfect for DIY mechanics.

Beverage And Hospitality

In the beverage industry, creating a high-pressure seal and protecting tubing from damage are top priorities when choosing clamps. Improper sealing or tube damage can put an entire beverage dispenser out of commission.

Pinch clamps are perfect for beverage dispensers. They are created with protection in mind and can be used for all tubing materials without causing damage.

Agriculture And Irrigation

Several pieces of agricultural equipment use hose clamps, which need to be strong, resilient and corrosion-resistant.

Worm drive clamps, which can endure high torque and harsh weather elements, are ideal for agricultural machinery. Crop sprayers, fertilizer spreaders, and seed drills all use worm drive connections, which provide the strength needed to maintain seals.

Irrigation systems rely on clamps to connect underground poly pipes and provide reliable seals. Pinch clamps, which come in both welded and mechanical designs, can suit a range of irrigation needs. Murray’s Keystone pinch clamps provide the strongest seal in the industry.

Plumbing And Water Flow Management

When it comes to plumbing, clamps must be highly corrosion resistant and create a tight seal to maintain proper water flow and prevent leaking.

Pinch and ear clamps are both solid choices for plumbing and water flow. They resist corrosion and ensure effective sealing. Murray’s PEX tubing and pipe clamps provide a tight compression seal and a no-slip design that prevents miscrimps.

Whether your clamp needs involve tight seals, reusability, easy installation or corrosion resistance, choosing the right clamp is important. Contact us today to discover the right clamp for your industry.

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