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Seamless Pinch and Ear Clamps

Murray Corporation has been servicing customers for over 100 years and is a trusted name in industrial hose clamps.  Murray provides custom designed and manufactured hose clamps, custom plastic injection molded parts and custom metal stamped parts to OEMs, Retailers, and Distributors, with production and inventory in many locations around the world including the United States, China, Canada, India, UK, and Israel.

When it comes to our seamless pinch clamps, we never fail to bring our customers a product that exceeds expectations. Learn more about our durable products and how we can serve you.

Seamless Pinch Clamp Properties

These “Tongue and Groove” clamps offer 360° seamless fastening. Due to their seamless design and uniform compression sealing, these clamps are often used in They are perfect for poly and braided tubing.

Murray makes its seamless pinch clamps in 304 stainless steel providing a high level of corrosion resistance,  and a versatile clamp that is suitable for many applications such as chemical processing, food processing, household applications as well as uses in the automotive industry.  Murray Corporation also serves the beverage, automotive, marine, motorcycle, irrigation and agricultural, and the heavy-duty truck industries.

Requirements and Guarantees

Murray has attained ISO 9001:2015 Certification and our Quality Management System ensures you get the highest quality products consistently.

What Makes Murray Corporation Different?

Our products and our service help you keep your $#!+ together.   Our parts are designed, engineered, and produced to be the best in the industry so your connections will stay together.  And you won’t lose your mind when you need parts on time, every time, and responsive service, we guarantee it.  If you join our Sure Ship Sure Stock Guarantee Program, you’ll never run out of parts or have to wait for your parts.   Learn more about our program.

More sizes available. Please contact us for more information.

Download Specifications (PDF)
Part NumberSizeWidth (W)Thickness (T)Open Dia.Closed Dia. 
KVGT 50656.5mm5.0mm0.5mm6.5mm5.3mm
KVGT 50707.0mm5.0mm0.5mm7.0mm5.8mm
KVGT 50808.0mm5.0mm0.5mm8.0mm6.8mm
KVGT 50878.7mm5.0mm0.5mm8.7mm7.0mm
KVGT 50959.5mm5.0mm0.5mm9.5mm7.8mm
KVGT 510010.0mm5.0mm0.5mm10.0mm8.3mm
KVGT 510510.5mm5.0mm0.5mm10.5mm8.8mm
KVGT 510910.9mm5.0mm0.5mm10.9mm9.2mm
KVGT 511311.3mm5.0mm0.5mm11.3mm9.6mm
KVGT 511811.8mm5.0mm0.5mm11.8mm10.1mm
KVGT 712312.3mm5.0mm0.6mm12.3mm9.8mm
KVGT 712812.8mm7.0mm0.6mm12.8mm10.3mm
KVGT 713313.3mm7.0mm0.6mm13.3mm10.8mm
KVGT 713813.8mm7.0mm0.6mm13.8mm11.3mm
KVGT 714014.0mm7.0mm0.6mm14.0mm11.5mm
KVGT 714514.5mm7.0mm0.6mm14.5mm12.0mm
KVGT 715715.7mm7.0mm0.6mm15.7mm13.2mm
KVGT 716216.2mm7.0mm0.6mm16.2mm13.7mm
KVGT 716416.4mm7.0mm0.6mm16.4mm13.9mm
KVGT 717017.0mm7.0mm0.6mm17.0mm14.5mm
KVGT 718518.5mm7.0mm0.6mm18.5mm16.0mm
KVGT 719219.2mm7.0mm0.6mm19.2mm16.0mm
KVGT 719819.8mm7.0mm0.6mm19.8mm16.6mm
KVGT 721021.0mm7.0mm0.6mm21.0mm17.8mm
KVGT 722622.6mm7.0mm0.6mm22.6mm19.4mm
KVGT 723523.5mm7.0mm0.6mm23.5mm20.3mm
KVGT 724124.1mm7.0mm0.6mm24.1mm20.9mm
KVGT 727127.1mm7.0mm0.6mm27.1mm23.9mm
KVGT 728628.6mm7.0mm0.6mm28.6mm25.4mm
KVGT 730830.8mm7.0mm0.6mm30.8mm27.6mm