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Dual Bead Shield Constant Tension Clamp

Dual Bead Shield® Super Sealing Clamp – For air to air and coolant applications. The inner shield provides superb sealing characteristics and is safe for all soft hoses. It can also be found in the marine, agriculture, construction and off-highway markets.

Download Specifications (PDF)
Part Number"A" Diameter Range
Plated Screws"400" StainlessAll "300" Series StainlessAll "316" Series StainlessDecimalsInchesMillimeters
DB 16DB 16SSDB 16SS305DB 16SS3160.631.385/81-3/815.934.9
DB 20DB 20SSDB 20SS305DB 20SS3160.691.6311/161-5/817.541.4
DB 24DB 24SSDB 24SS305DB 24SS3160.941.8815/161-7/823.847.6
DB 28DB 28SSDB 28SS305DB 28SS3161.192.131-3/162-1/830.254.0
DB 32DB 32SSDB 32SS305DB 32SS3161.442.381-7/162-3/836.560.3
DB 36DB 36SSDB 36SS305DB 36SS3161.692.631-11/162-5/842.966.7
DB 40DB 40SSDB 40SS305DB 40SS3161.942.881-15/162-7/849.273.0
DB 44DB 44SSDB 44SS305DB 44SS3162.193.132-3/163-1/855.679.4
DB 48DB 48SSDB 48SS305DB 48SS3162.443.382-7/163-3/861.985.7
DB 52DB 52SSDB 52SS305DB 52SS3162.693.632-11/163-5/868.392.1
DB 56DB 56SSDB 56SS305DB 56SS3162.943.882-15/163-7/874.698.4
DB 60DB 60SSDB 60SS305DB 60SS3163.194.133-3/164-1/881.0104.8
DB 64DB 64SSDB 64SS305DB 64SS3163.444.383-7/164-3/887.3111.1
DB 72DB 72SSDB 72SS305DB 72SS3163.944.883-15/164-7/8100.0123.8
DB 80*DB 80SSDB 80SS305DB 80SS3164.445.384-7/165-3/8112.7136.5
DB 88*DB 88SSDB 88SS305DB 88SS3164.945.884-15/165-7/8125.4149.2
DB 96DB 96SSDB 96SS305DB 96SS3165.446.385-7/166-3/8138.1161.9
DB 104DB 104SSDB 104SS305DB 104SS3165.946.885-15/166-7/8150.8174.7
DB 116DB 116SSDB 116SS305DB 116SS3166.387.636-3/87-5/8161.9193.7
Other sizes available upon request. Available in packed and bulk stock. Other packaging configurations available.  *items not stocked. special order only