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Turbo Seal Constant Tension Clamps

Constant Tension Turbo Seal Clamps  – With a convoluted heat-treated band that provides spring-like tensioning effects for thermal cycling hose applications.

Murray’s unique DUAL BEAD SHIELD® concentrates band-sealing pressure, increasing performance up to 30% compared to standard smooth liners. Flanged edges protect soft hose compounds from abrasion and wear.

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Turbo Seal Size Chart
Part Number"A" Diameter Range
“300” Series Stainless ScrewsDecimalsInchesMillimeters
TSS 14S301.121.501-1/81-1/22838
TSS 16S301.201.631-1/51-5/83041
*TSS 18S301.281.751-1/41-3/43344
TSS 20S301.371.881-3/81-7/83548
TSS 24S301.562.131-9/162-1/84054
TSS 28S301.632.381-5/82-3/84160
TSS 32S301.802.631-13/162-5/84667
TSS 36S301.972.881-31/322-7/85073
TSS 40S302.253.132-1/43-1/85779
TSS 44S302.503.382-1/23-3/86486
TSS 48S302.753.632-3/43-5/87092
TSS 52S303.003.8833-7/87698
*TSS 56S303.254.133-1/44-1/883105
TSS 60S303.504.383-1/24-3/889111
TSS 64S303.754.633-3/44-5/895118
TSS 68S304.004.8844-7/8102124
TSS 72S304.255.134-1/45-1/8108130
*TSS 76S304.505.384-1/25-3/8114137
TSS 80S304.755.634-3/45-5/8121143
*TSS 84S305.005.8855-7/8127149
*TSS 88S305.256.135-1/46-1/8133156
*TSS 92S305.506.385-1/26-3/8140162
TSS 96S305.756.635-3/46-5/8146168
*TSS 104S306.257.136-1/47-1/8159181
*TSS 112S306.757.636-3/47-5/8172194
*TSS 116S307.007.8877-7/8178200
TSS 120S307.258.137-1/48-1/8184206
*Sizes not stocked, special order only. Other sizes available upon request. Available in packed and bulk stock. Other packaging configurations available.