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Turbo Seal Constant Tension Clamps

Murray Corporation’s Turbo Seal Constant Tension clamps provide excellent protection against leak, loss of boost and hose blow off making them a must-buy for high demand applications.  Turbo Seal clamps lock a hose in place based on the dual spring action design.  The inner Dual Bead Shield ® creates a single spring action by compressing and allowing the clamp to adjust based on temperature changes. The second spring is the outer band of the Turbo Seal clamp, which is convoluted, heat-treated and electro-polished, to further allow for expansion and contraction due to thermal cycling.

The combination of the Dual Bead Liner and the convoluted band act as a dual spring which compensates to offset the effects of cold flow.  As the hose is compressed and the compression set affects the hose, the dual springs help to maintain constant tension on the hose which is how it prevents loss of boost and hose blow off.  The Dual Bead Liner also helps to protect the hose from damages by providing beveled edges that protect against cutting into the expensive silicone hose.  The Liner also helps to distribute the band load evenly to provide a sealing force on the hose in all directions.  This protects against leak paths that can affect the performance of your engine.

Turbo Seal Clamp Properties

  • Rated ultimate torque: 75 in. lbs. min.
  • Recommended installation torque: 50 in. lbs.
  • 300 series stainless steel
  • Decimals range: 1.12 – 8.13
  • 1 1/8” to 8 1/8”
  • 28 to 206 millimeters

Turbo Seal Clamp Advantages

  • Beveled edges protect soft hose compounds from abrasion and wear
  • Improved life and performance of the hose
  • Low profile, taking up less space under the hood and decreasing the incidence of a snag
  • Provides constant tension
  • Compensates for the effects of thermal cycling and/or compression set of hose
  • Provides dual spring action through convoluted spring action band and the spring effect of the Dual Bead Liner.

Requirements & Guarantees

Murray Corporation is certified ISO 9001, the International Quality Standard. All of our products and operations are subject to the precise controls and specifications of our Quality Management System.

Most Importantly, We Keep Your $#!+ Together, which means our clamps keep your connections together, and our service helps you keep it together.  We help our customers make a plan to minimize lead times, and we make sure you never run out of stock.  We Guarantee it – Learn More.

Industries Using Turbo Seal Constant Tension Clamps

Constant tension turbo seal clamps were engineered for the high demands of the motor sports world where conditions are more severe than typical turbo charged applications.  These clamps are trusted by many NASCAR and NHRA race teams.  We will design, engineer, and manufacture custom turbo seal clamps that meet any industry’s exact specifications. Some industries include:

  • Automotive
  • High Performance and Racing
  • Off-road
  • Agriculture
  • Heavy duty
  • Military

What Makes Murray Corp Different?

With over 100 years of experience, Murray Corporation offers a commitment to quality, dependability, and customer service.  We design and manufacture clamps and fasteners for almost all industrial and commercial hose applications.  Our products are made from superior materials, precision manufactured to the highest standards, and subjected to rigorous testing in our quality control laboratory.


Download Specifications (PDF)
Turbo Seal Size Chart
Part Number"A" Diameter Range
“300” Series Stainless ScrewsDecimalsInchesMillimeters
TSS 14S301.121.501-1/81-1/22838
TSS 16S301.201.631-1/51-5/83041
*TSS 18S301.281.751-1/41-3/43344
TSS 20S301.371.881-3/81-7/83548
TSS 24S301.562.131-9/162-1/84054
TSS 28S301.632.381-5/82-3/84160
TSS 32S301.802.631-13/162-5/84667
TSS 36S301.972.881-31/322-7/85073
TSS 40S302.253.132-1/43-1/85779
TSS 44S302.503.382-1/23-3/86486
TSS 48S302.753.632-3/43-5/87092
TSS 52S303.003.8833-7/87698
*TSS 56S303.254.133-1/44-1/883105
TSS 60S303.504.383-1/24-3/889111
TSS 64S303.754.633-3/44-5/895118
TSS 68S304.004.8844-7/8102124
TSS 72S304.255.134-1/45-1/8108130
*TSS 76S304.505.384-1/25-3/8114137
TSS 80S304.755.634-3/45-5/8121143
*TSS 84S305.005.8855-7/8127149
*TSS 88S305.256.135-1/46-1/8133156
*TSS 92S305.506.385-1/26-3/8140162
TSS 96S305.756.635-3/46-5/8146168
*TSS 104S306.257.136-1/47-1/8159181
*TSS 112S306.757.636-3/47-5/8172194
*TSS 116S307.007.8877-7/8178200
TSS 120S307.258.137-1/48-1/8184206
*Sizes not stocked, special order only. Other sizes available upon request. Available in packed and bulk stock. Other packaging configurations available.