The Agricultural, Commercial and Residential Sectors of the Irrigation Industry Choose Murray Clamps for Quality, Reliability and Selection

Why Murray Corporation?

  • We’ve been in business for over 100 years and have extensive experience in the irrigation industry.
  • We are a hose clamp manufacturer with a broad product offering for all of your irrigation clamping needs.
  • We manufacture all three types of hose clamps used in the irrigation industry.

Worm Gear Clamps

Murray Corporation has a proud tradition of providing the highest quality worm gear clamps with high torque ratings and corrosion resistance, which are perfect for the irrigation market.  Learn more about our Worm Gear Clamps.

Keystone Pinch Clamps

Pinch clamps are used for center pivot drops and for underground polyethylene tubing (poly tubing) in irrigation systems.  Murray offers two designs of Keystone Pinch Clamps.  Both provide the highest sealing force in the industry.

The first, a welded design made for high strength use.  This design comes with our true Keystone geometry, where the ear is tapered to help position your installation tool to protect against the tool slipping off and yielding a mis-crimped clamp.  This can be disastrous after your system is buried underground to have to dig it up later for repairs.

The second design is the more traditional mechanically attached pinch clamp. This design incorporates Murray’s patented crimp lobes on the ear of the clamp to help properly position your tool for a better installation and protect against mis-crimping your clamp.  View our entire line of Pinch Clamps.

T-Bolt Clamps

Our Standard and Irrigation T-bolt clamps are designed and manufactured to perform at the highest levels.  We use the best materials, high quality projection spot welds, and a design the gives you a clamp that puts your mind at ease.

Our T-bolts are typically used for Center Pivot connections and lay-flat hose connections.  Whether you need 10” pipe clamps, 6 5/8” pipe clamps, or any of the other standard sizes for the irrigation industry, Murray clamps are made to our exacting standards. Learn more about our T-Bolt clamps.

An added bonus, Murray can build inventory for you to minimize lead times to ensure delivery when you need it.

Choose Murray Clamps

No matter what type of irrigation connectors you need, whether for poly pipe tube, center pivots, or lay flat hose, Murray Corporation provides the best solutions and the highest service levels in the industry.  Learn more today contact Murray’s team of experts.