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Stainless Steel PEX Tubing & Pipe Clamps

For use with “DZR Brass” and Plastic PEX Fittings

These patented heavy duty “Tongue and Groove” clamps offer 360° seamless fastening and meet or exceed ASTM F-2098 requirements. Due to their heavy-duty 304 series steel construction as well as their step-less design and uniform compression sealing, these cutting edge clamps were designed primarily for PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) piping and PE-RT (polyethylene raised temperature) tubing but have numerous alternate uses.

Manufactured with patented “Non-Slip” crimp lobes on both ends of the ear, Murray’s heavy-duty seamless PEX clamps are the best at preventing mis-crimps and slip-offs as well as holding fast under the worst conditions. Murray Corporation’s clamping products are subjected to rigorous environmental testing to ensure maximum reliability and longevity in adverse conditions.

Download Specifications (PDF)
Part NumberPEX Tube SizeWidth (W)Open Dia.Closed Dia.Open Dia. InchesClosed Dia. Inches
PEX 1333/8"7.0mm13.3mm10.8mm0.5240.424
PEX 1751/2"7.0mm17.5mm14.3mm0.6890.564
PEX 2065/8"9.0mm20.6mm17.4mm0.8110.686
PEX 2333/4"9.0mm23.3mm20.1mm0.9170.791
PEX 2961"10.0mm29.6mm26.4mm1.1651.039