Snug-Fit PEX Clamps

Snug-Fit PEX Clamps

For use with DZR Brass F1807 and Plastic F2159 Fittings
  • Available in all popular pex plumbing sizes (3/8”, ½”, ¾”, 1”)
  • Unique design prevents clamp from sliding freely on pipe prior to crimping
  • This snug fit design keeps clamp in position allowing two free hands, providing an easier installation with the crimping tool.
  • Narrow ear configuration positions crimp tool handles closer together during installation, reducing effort required of the installer
  • Patented tool grip lobes in the ear section eliminates mis-crimps
  • Dual stiffening ribs in ear section, improve sealing performance
  • Only one tool required for all 4 Snug-Fit & Narrow Ear PEX clamp sizes
  • Made from 304 stainless steel
  • For use with ASTM F876 pex tubing and ASTM F1807 and F2159 insert fittings
  • Certified by NSF
Clamp Size Chart
Part Number
PEX Tube Size
Inch mm Inch mm Inch mm
PEX288N00C 1" 1.134 28.8 0.315 8.0 0.394 10.0
PEX224N00C 3/4" 0.880 22.4 0.256 6.5 0.354 9.0
PEX193N00C 5/8" 0.760 19.3 0.256 6.5 0.354 9.0
PEX162N00C 1/2" 0.638 16.2 0.256 6.5 0.354 9.0
PEX130N00C 3/8" 0.512 13.0 0.256 6.5 0.315 8.0
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Snug-Fit PEX Clamps
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