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Reliable clamps, like reliable customer support, are not one-size fits all.

Applications by Market

Industrial Clamp Applications

For more than 100 years Murray clamps have been used all over the world in a diverse number of applications. Our team knows that each market presents its own unique challenges, environmental stresses, and preventative needs, and we’re always working diligently to better know and understand your business. And not only do we have a full line of clamps – View our On-line Catalog, but our team will also design a custom clamping solution for your specific application. Click Here to learn more about our Custom Design & Packaging.

Automotive & Heavy Duty Truck


Perfect for the high temperature and stress associated with automotive components. We build reliability into every clamp.



Due to its unique stresses, the irrigation market has specific needs and standards that require specific construction.



Strong and durable clamping solutions that will stand up to the constant abuse of agricultural environments



Whether you are building a radiant heating, or repairing hot-water heaters and air conditioners, Murray has a clamp for you. Available directly in large OEM quantities and in small quantities through our dealer network.

Beverage & Hospitality


Murray’s “Seamless” clamping solutions are designed specifically for beverage delivery and food service systems.



Specifically designed with the corrosive nature of the marine and shipboard environments in mind. We offer multiple types of corrosion-resistant clamping solutions in a variety of materials